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COVID-19 Update

18 March 2020 10:25


COVID-19 Update – St Peter’s Church 17th March 2020


Dear Friends


It is often said that the Church is not a building but a collection of “living stones” or the family of God. This is sometimes hard to understand as we often “go to Church” rather than think of ourselves “as the Church”.


I have been in discussion with other church leaders and with Chris and Teresa, Church Wardens, yesterday and today. We have made the unanimous and considered decision to cease all church services and gatherings at St. Peter’s until further notice. It is our belief that this is in everyone’s best interests.


It is anticipated, based upon the information that is available, that this will last for a period of months rather than weeks. We will continue to keep in contact via the weekly newsletter and would encourage people to call each other and to make use of social media. I will also put on the website each week the BCP collect and bible readings each week and we will let you know other ways we will be able to maintain and promote Christian fellowship.


We know that many of you have families and neighbours who will offer practical and emotional support. However, if you need anything or would want us to pray about something in particular please do contact us.


Adrian - 07781 177177

Myfanwy - 07781 431504

Teresa - 07781 414533

Chris - 07781 428143

Nicky - 07781 461437

Annabel - 07911 711045


Our Church will remain open as a sacred place in the heart of the community for quiet reflection and prayer. We know that our God “is an ever-present help in time of trouble.”


Tim Barker, Dean of Guernsey, will be making a statement later today and will being interviewed on Radio Guernsey tomorrow about the Deanery’s response to the challenge of COVID-19.


Wed 25th March

Edited to add:

Yesterday evening, following the Guernsey government's announcement, the Dean of Guernsey had requested for the time being that all church buildings should be closed to the public. This is a great sadness to us but it is in order that we can all be kept safe.   The Parish Church will therefore be closed for the time being.


We consider the current message to principally “stay at home” to be one that it is essential that we all observe. This will delay and, in some cases, prevent the spread of the virus. This is perhaps one of the most effective and most loving things we can do for our community. Please stay in contact via the phone and other means with others. Practically please do take up offers of help from family, friends and neighbours no matter how independent and self-contained you normally live!!! Please do let us know if you, or others you know, are in practical need and we will seek to identify appropriate help and support.  For those who do not have sufficient funds due to financial or employment it is possible at the moment that Guernsey Welfare, with whom have a long-standing relationship, will deliver essential groceries if needed.   Please be assured all requests are dealt with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.


We are praying with people from all around the world.   We know that some people will have specific prayer requests and these can be left on 07781 431504 (Myfanwy’s mobile).


With love and prayers