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Prayer Resources for #StayAtHome

05 April 2020 16:55


We're finding new ways to connect during this time when we can't physically meet as a church community. As we find new ways to pray and worship, members of our church family have been sharing resources they find helpful. Many thanks to all. 


Adrian has been popping readings and short talks up on the website on Sundays and Wednesdays. 


The Falla family are live streaming worship from their living room every Sunday at 4pm and Pete and Jo have been starting Sunday mornings with sharing some worship from their home. Use our Facebook page for the weekly links.


 And here are some on-line resources that different folk recommend:


You Version Bible app is popular. Mav says, 

It's great and offers audio readings of the Bible of numerous translations and reading plans - it is really helpful.

and Michael agrees

I also like You Version, as has plenty of options/plans but also prompts me with email verse of the day.


Katie W. is finding the Tearfund Lent Daily Devotionals really helpful.


Pray As You Go is also popular with quite a few people, including Helen from the 4pm.


Caroline B. says,

I recommend Soultime and also Daily Office both apps. I’m certain they do Android as well as iPhone.

I use Soultime a lot. It’s essentially a mindfulness app (think Calm but a Christian version) but you have bible readings set to music, meditations which you can set for however long, music etc. There is a free version but there is also the subscriber. I find it helps me stay calm when I’m stressed out but also it’s uplifting and good for sleep when it eludes you.

Daily office does what it says on the tin - morning and evening and midday prayer.


Quite a few people like Celtic Daily Prayer from the Northumbria Community. Eleanor and the children use a shortened version of morning prayer. The children have written names of family and friends on slips of card and pull three out of their yoghurt pot to pray for each morning.


Godly Play has made some lovely resources accessible which Eleanor recommends if you are looking for a new way to share the Easter story with your family this year. You can print them out and use as you wish. 


Last but definitely not least we have a glowing recommendation for Lectio 365 from Wendy M. Its an encouragement to persevere with different ways to pray that suit your personality.

I would like to share with you the benefits I have experienced through having Lectio365 read to me each day!
I have tried on numerous occasions to stick with a daily plan from numerous different sources. After initial excitement and enthusiasm I’m ashamed to say most have dwindled away, actually all have come to pass! I did complete reading the bible many years ago but it seemed more like a physical exercise rather than a deep and meaningful encounter. My failures of “ sticking with it” have been a disappointment to me. Well , that’s all very negative isn’t it!?
I have good news! I downloaded the Lectio365 app onto my phone and am delighted to say it resonates with me 100%! It has exactly the format which compels me to listen and hunger for more.
It has taught me that, as we are all wired so differently, all prayer schemes are individually suited for different people. It takes time to find your soulmate.
Lectio365 has a daily structure which is the same each day, starting and ending with the same familiar prayer. I personally like this regular familiarity, the opening prayer beckons me to be still and to concentrate my scattered senses ready to be in Gods presence. A good and most relevant instruction for me!!
Lectio 365 is shaped by the six biblical practices of the Order of the Mustard Seed: prayer, creativity, justice, hospitality, mission and learning.
Funnily enough, two of the attractive elements of this 24/7 prayer scheme are one, I can choose to have it read to me and two, there are adequate times of quiet to absorb what has been said. One of the sadness’s I have with prayer time is when we are asked to pray for others we know for example, and then 3 seconds later the prayers continue. I love those times of silence to focus on what has been asked of us. I say silence but throughout the 10 minute prayer there is the most wonderful background music. It doesn’t distract at all and for me enhanced the spirituality of this app.